Monk.E.Wise is an attempt at creating an after-school engagement world, where a child can join at any age between 3 to 9 years, for any period (one month to one year), and be immersed in a fun and playful joyride of knowledge, spirituality and all-round development.

Each session lasts an hour or slightly more, and roughly 8 sessions are covered in one month.

The curriculum at Monk.E.Wise has been carefully curated keeping in mind the myriad intelligence levels of children. The topics that are covered at Monk.E.Wise are centred around the following three core aspects:-

  • Worship and respect Yourself
  • Worship and love your Country
  • Worship and appreciate Nature and the universe beyond

The entire course would span across one year during which a child would be introduced to interesting topics through fun and highly interactive media. Based upon one’s preference, one can opt to enroll their child for one month (8 sessions) to a year. However, the entire essence of the course and its impact on the child’s growth curve can be maximized only if the child takes the entire one year course.

At Monk.E.Wise, the children are exposed to an exciting world of holistic value-centric learning backed by logical and scientific information. The focus is on enhancing the wisdom and spirituality of each and every child in a playful manner with extensive use of technology.

The name has been carefully coined keeping the long-term vision in sight. ‘Monks’ are epitomes of maturity and maturity does not come with age rather it comes with a clear understanding of life. The ‘e’ in the name stands for technology which has weaved the world into a beautiful tapestry. And, at the end of this exciting journey, Monk.E.Wise wishes to mold every children into brilliant ‘wise’ personalities with a strong sense of judgement between right and wrong. Phonetically Monk.E.Wise resonates with ‘monkey’ – an animal that symbolizes fun, curiosity and playfulness. Hence, Monk.E.Wise employs fun and interesting modes of learning to help a child grasp the concepts better.

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