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Mrs. Jyoti Singh

Managing Director | MADE EASY Group

Dear Parents,

Carrying forward my passion of working closely with children and bringing reform inthe formal school education, early years are the most crucial years in a child's life beit their physical development, socio-emotional development, cognitive developmentand spiritual development, all the areas are equally important for the overalldevelopment of the child.

MADE EASY School has come up with unconventional teaching style and uniquemethodologies which focuses on different style of delivery of the same syllabus andcurriculum in the classrooms and holistic development of a child. We all must understandeducation is not about alphabets and numbers, it is about the way it moulds the soul andmind of the child.

Taking this letter as a medium I would like to share my schooling experience in brief – in ourcurriculum Moral Science, Scouts, NCC, Meditation,Yoga, Sports were included as separatesubjects but at that time we as children could not figure out the exact purpose of inclusion ofsuch subjects/activities in school. At the same time we learned these all from our family.Now when I retrospect myself, these all values/qualities actually reflect what we are today.On the same note, we at MADE EASY affirm that education of child is a joint venturebetween the parents and the school. It is correctly said, “A Child’s mind is like a soft waxit moulds as we teach” .

MADE EASY School has always been future oriented and innovative to respond to variouspedagogical demands. In my experience I have observed multiple times, the curious mind ofchild needs to be answered and we must acknowledge child’s dreaded “why’’ , “ how” and “what” phase. At MADE EASY School we try and focus on expanding knowledge on theactivities that are of child’s interest, which eventually brings about a lot of opportunities forcritical thinking, problem solving, self evaluation and constant improvement.

As a school we aim of providing a 360 degree spectrum of learning to children, for which weensure that we work as a team with our parents so that they can inculcate the same valueand thought systems that we want children to learn and grow with.

Lastly, I will say that at MADE EASY School we have committed, supportive and dedicatedteachers and mentors who help students grow into fine human beings capable to face thechallenges of today’s world, so that the school will actually be a ‘lighthouse of the society’.

Mrs. Suniti Sharma


Early age education plays a crucial role in development of social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills of the kids to their fullest potential. It is fascinating for the teachers and mentors at MADE EASY PRESCHOOL to train and empower their students with the knowledge and skills required for a solid foundation in life. Our teachers have been specially trained to take care to help children develop good physical and mental strength as well as psycho-social abilities to enhance their awareness and relate joyfully to the environment.

Early age education is the incubator for the next generation of leaders, philosophers, inventors and sports persons. The challenge for early age educators is to develop appropriate teaching strategies and to arouse interest of children in curriculum materials, thereby preparing them for a successful future.

At MADE EASY PRESCHOOL, we have developed flexible and multi-layered dynamic play way approach for learning and adopted activity based curriculum for our youngsters. The teaching instructions make appropriate use of colours, shapes, sounds, psycho-motor skill games, theatre, arts, painting, music and other similar age apt activities.

We truly believe that every child is uniquely gifted and ideal creation and our duty as teachers is to support the natural development of the child so as to help her/him to discover her/his truest potential for the larger good of the society. To support this, we maintain the student teacher ratio at 10:1 so that every student receives the required attention of the teacher.

At MADE EASY PRESCHOOL, we impart effective, collaborative and innovative ways of learning and help students to become creative, imaginative and happy solution finders.

We thank you for your interest in MADE EASY PRESCHOOL and its core values.

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