An Environment for Growth

MADE EASY PRESCHOOL is a progressive preschool with seamless class routines that are designed to keep the individual learning goals of your child in mind. No child is hurried to finish, playing, colouring, exploring, eating or settling into their first school. Accordingly, our age appropriate curriculum focuses on all-round development of the child encompassing largely the following areas:

Cerebral development: critical thinking, in-depth understanding, inquiry, creativity, recollection, and application

Social development: positive personal relationships, effective communication, trust and belief in the goodness of others, desire to help, and a sense of identity

Emotional development: self-belief and confidence, self-control, self-motivation, creative interests, and passion for lifelong learning

Physical development: healthy practices (diet and exercise), personal care and hygiene, fine and gross motor development

Spiritual development: feeling at one with nature, the universe, and the self Children learn to be one with nature as they share their environment with birds and butterflies. Overall an experience which is conducive to growth, both inner and outer, nurturing all aspects of the personality – physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual.

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