Principal's Message

Kiran Tara Singh

Having spent nearly 4 decades with preschool children, I can’t imagine where I belong more than in a preschool with its warmth and wonder creating a new magic each day! The early years are indeed the ‘Magical Years’ of childhood. It is a time when the brain is developing rapidly and the child has so much to explore, so much to discover and the magic lies in the 100 ways the child’s imagination soars to ‘Explore, Enjoy and Enrich’ while having a big dose of fun! 

At MADE EASY PRESCHOOL we are proud to have one of the largest campuses any preschool could dream of!! Each day at our preschool is filled with excitement and wonder  giving  me the privilege of watching children as they engage in activities both indoors and outdoors to emerge as sure and confident individuals helped by the combined team effort of parents, mentors and other members of the school community. 

Mrs. Kiran Tara Singh 
MADE EASY Preschool

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