Before a child enters the world of compulsory education, it becomes quiet necessary that his/her early childhood education base is laid strong. So that they have a basic knowledge of words and numbers before they actually get in to the actual world of addition and subtraction.

We at MADE EASY SCHOOL thrive to ensure that the child becomes familiar with all those letters and numbers. We don’t stop children’s from playing we just amalgamate their early age studies with their day to day activity so they can learn while they play.

Also we understand that each child would have his/her individual style of learning, so we ensure that individual learning behaviors and individual differences are identified and accordingly the needs can be met. So as to ensure the overall development of the children’s from the very beginning.

Features of our Nursery Programme :

  • Highly trained Early Age Educators.
  • Stimulating and Happy Environment.
  • Proper Teacher to Child Ratio.
  • Learning with Fun.
  • Recognizing/Identifying of individual learning behaviors and catering to the needs accordingly.
  • Early age development of children through exposure.
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